My principal interest, knowledge and experience lies with commercial aviation and covers

  • worldwide airline operations and route systems

  • levels of service, classes of travel and onboard facilities

  • airliners past and present

  • airline histories and ephemera

  • world airports, facilities and infrastructure

  • executive aircraft and operators

  • government VIP and transport aircraft

  • the politics of aviation and airline destinations

  • airline colour scheme design and evolution


I am able to offer the benefits of this expertise to clients through the following specialised services - (click on the title to access each section)


This section provides information on the air travel consultancy service that I offer to both individuals and businesses. I am neither a travel agent nor flight broker. What I offer however is a detailed information service that will allow clients to make a clear informed choice when formalising travel plans by air. This service is particularly aimed at people with limited time to undertake the research themselves. I provide information in a number of different formats and can cater for itineraries ranging from the simple to the complex.

The galleries within this section display aircraft images taken in various locations throughout Europe and beyond. In addition to portfolios covering particular airports, there are also galleries focussing on particular events or trips. Through the camera I have been fortunate to record a selection of airliners and corporate aircraft as my passion for airliners partners my love of travel.

These pages are designed as a showcase for my work through the media of the written word. This section features samples of articles both published and unpublished covering diverse apects of commercial aviation past and present. My written work displays a breadth and depth of knowledge presented in an informative and effective manner coupled with an eye for detail and absolute accuracy. I am available to undertake commissions to prepare short articles, copy for websites and commercial presentations, longer pieces and detailed research on any aspect of commercial aviation.


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