It is fitting that this website should have been launched in 2006, exactly 30 years after I discovered my love for commercial aviation. My enthusiasm has taken me all over the world and on flights and types of aircraft both on and off the beaten track. I am fortunate to have visited close to 50 countries in pursuit of airliners young and old - check out the map at the bottom of this page! I love nothing more than spending time around aircraft, airports and airline people.

Originally from the UK, I now travel extensively. Having worked in public and private sector finance for more years than I care to remember, with aircraft research and photography as a definite sideline, I am now in the fortunate position of having finally established myself doing what I love most. Having grown up under the approach to one of London Heathrow's main runways, my fascination came with a sense of obvious inevitability.

There are aircraft enthusiasts whose interest lies in the mechanics behind the very fact of flight. To others, and I number myself among this group, the colourscheme of an aircraft, airline route systems and very different operating environments provide the momentum behind a lifelong obsession. Beyond the seemingly simple process of getting from A to B, the colourschemes of commercial aircraft can act as windows into the culture, history and politics of nations and companies across the globe.

A sizeable portion of the general public loves aircraft. Within the context of increased security measures, the continued popularity of observation decks and locations along runways worldwide, is clear enough evidence of that passion. As a child, my parents took me to watch 'the planes'. Now in my forties, I still get a thrill and have kept that sense of awe. Now I am able to explain how the industry works and to spread the message through the written word and the camera I consider myself very lucky and grateful to those parents for nurturing my enthusiasm without question.


In February 2005 I was featured in an episode of RTL Germany's 'Explosiv' magazine programme whilst in Sint Maarten in the Netherlands Antilles. The programme focussed on photographers and enthusiasts who visit this Caribbean paradise in search of aircraft images rather than the more obvious beaches and crystal blue waters. Having recklessly mentioned that I had indulged in the local pastime of 'fence-hanging' in the wake of departing widebodied airliners, I was asked to repeat the experience for the cameras. The blast from the KLM 747-400 leaving for Curaçao explains my somewhat windswept appearance!

Watch the seven minute RTL documentary on YouTube HERE (in German but the footage speaks for itself to non-German speakers!)


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