Sometimes, you need to know that the quickest and cheapest way from A to B is via C rather than D or E...

The air travel consultancy service I offer can provide detailed fare and routing information in a format to suit your needs or those of your business along with the 'added value' a traditional travel agent just cannot provide!

In researching the most convenient and cost-effective routings for your planned itinerary, I am able to give you back the time to allow you to do other things. The results will also provide you with the absolute assurance that you have considered every possible option. You will obviously have a ready idea of the basic elements of a trip; the preferred departure point, the destination(s), the number of travellers and the amount of flexibility, if any, in your timings. Being in a position to locate and then compare each option can be a highly daunting and time consuming process. I can do that research for you and present the results

  • Clearly
  • Quickly
  • Accurately
  • In an uncomplicated way

Why should you employ me to do this for you? Knowing the worldwide airline business inside out, I can tell you

  • Which airline flies where
  • How often
  • Over which routings
  • Offering which classes of service

I can also advise on issues which may influence your decisions -

  • Airline alliances and frequent flyer schemes
  • Airline lounges
  • Airline seats - from economy seat pitch to which airlines offer lie-flat seats and personal suites in premium classes!
  • Onboard catering – from ‘buy on board’ to the very finest food and wines
  • Onboard entertainment – from nothing at all to small overhead screens or seatback videos with movies ‘on-demand’!

As a result, I can give you all the available options, using both traditional and ‘low cost’ carriers, including some you may not have thought of!

The format of information I provide for you can be tailored to your individual requirements and timescales. Many straightforward and time-critical queries can be handled by detailed email. For more exhaustive research into lengthy itineraries, perhaps involving group travel, a formal report can be produced for presentation at all levels of your organisation. In every case, the appropriate website references (URLs) will be provided. This will enable you to make the requisite bookings at your convenience and will also give you the comfort and security of using a payment method of your choosing.

Fees range from a minimum of £20 for a basic enquiry and will be clearly agreed on a per project or time basis in advance.


Air Travel Consultancy – Frequently Asked Questions

In offering air travel consultancy to individuals and businesses I have often been asked questions about the services I provide. I hope the following will be of use…

Why should I employ someone to trawl the internet for airline fares when I can easily do that myself?
Quite simply, I can save you the time. If you know the airline you wish to fly and the route you wish to travel you probably won’t need me! For anything more complex I can cut through the maze of airline and flight broker websites and give you back the time to do something more productive. I know the airline business inside out and can research and present all possible options quickly and accurately.

If I ask you to research an itinerary for me, what information will you provide?
For simple enquiries, I will reply by email giving the best options for your trip. I will provide routings, flight numbers, journey times and price (at the time of research). For more detailed enquiries, I can produce reports in any format for presentation at any level of your organization.

Can you tell me which is the ‘best airline’ to get me from A to B?
I can provide information on services offered by the world’s airlines in all classes. From a comparison of legroom in economy class to a review of flat bed seats in business class and premium class lounges, I can cut through the hype. I’ll tell you which airline will get you to your destination comfortably and quickly using routings or airports you may not have considered.

I want to include low-cost airlines as well as ‘traditional’ carriers – is that possible?
Most low-cost airlines save money by refusing to pay commissions to travel agents. Their tickets can therefore not be booked via a high street agent. Not being bound by such commissions I can give you all available options including those offered by the ‘new kids on the block’.

Can I make the booking myself?
I am neither a travel agent nor a flight broker. I provide you with the suitable available options and the website addresses to allow you to choose and make bookings when you choose to do so. At no stage will you have to provide me with your personal financial information.

What does the service cost?
A thoroughly researched reply to a basic enquiry costs just £20. More detailed planning, research and presentation of results in report format will be charged at an hourly rate agreed prior to commencement of your project.

For further information or to use this service

please email

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